Sex Education with Chelsea (April 10)

We had an excellent turn out with roughly 20 girls. The sex education discussion began with my personal introduction in the field of health science and why I wanted to talk to the chapter. We discussed a rather broad list including contraception, Pap smears, and pubic hair. Each person that attended contributed to the conversation and even afterwards many of the girls wanted to discuss even more topics. I ended the session with a Ted Talk video about domestic violence from the first-hand experience of a professional woman.

Obviously, since I have decided to study this topic I feel is it very important information for everyone. What happened Wednesday night solidifies my opinion that girls within the chapter have a need for this education and want to talk about it in the right atmosphere. Since we were able to have almost a two hour discussion I consider this event to be a success and I hope that those who attended received some new information. I’m hoping to have another similar presentation next semester or even have a different discussion topic every month if enough girls are interested.

If you’re interested in certain aspects of sexuality I recommend for great places to search.


Sigma Alpha Rush Chair

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