Alumni Updates!

We have been reconnecting with so many lost alumni! A few of them have sent us little updates!

Tara Weeks (from the Omicron class)

Employer: Manna Pro Products, LLC
Position: Territory Manager: Northeast

Getting Married 9/28/13 to KC Boohar. 4 horses, 3 cows (one due in July), two dogs, lots of cats! I just bought my best friend from childhood and his half sister after he was sold to someone else 16 years ago! We breed and raise registered (sometimes Fullblood) Registered Gelbvieh on the side, and my better half is a Semi driver for a local animal feed dealer.

Julie Sharp (from the Alpha class)

Hi , I was happy to get your letter in the mail as I believe I have been “lost” to the Truman Sigma Alpha chapter for a long time. I graduated in 1994 and had a great time with Sigma Alpha. Some of my classmates were the chapter founding members ( in 1992?).
My name is Julie (Tranquilla) Sharp and I graduated with  a degree in Agricultural Science with a concentration in Animal Science. I then got an M.S. in Rural Sociology and I have held a variety of interesting jobs in agriculture. Right now I work for OEFFA, the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. We do educational programming for farmers who want to do sustainable agriculture and we certify organic farmers all across the midwest.
Keep me on your list:  I want to keep up with what Sigma Alpha is doing. Say hi to Dr. Wehner for me! (he was my advisor).
Anna Whaley (from the charter class!!)
I received your news letter in the mail today!  I am so glad you found me and I most definitely do NOT want to stay lost. 🙂  I am so very glad that Sigma Alpha is still going strong there at Truman.  I really enjoyed having a hand in getting it started.
I would be more than happy to update you on how the last 19 years have been.
[Note from Rebecca: we are still waiting for the rest of the update]

Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

A great video Jane Rademacher found that addresses the problem that far, far less women are making it to the top of their careers then men are.

Preparations for Fall 2013

Corn Maze Co-Chairs, Lizzie Evers and Rachel Craig are well on their way to the 2013 Corn Maze; the Chapter voted and decided on the Brothers Grimm theme which will be hence-forth be called “Grimm Sisters.” The Chairs are also in the process of getting seed corn, fertilizer, and rye grass donated as well as starting the process of designing the t-shirt and poster.


Rush/Recruitment Chair Chelsea Krueger has come up with an awesome design for the 2013 Fall Rush t-shirt and is busy planning another great rush week.  Below is her design for the t-shirt.  If Alumni are interested in ordering one for themselves, they could do so by contacting Chelsea via the contact information on the About page.

boots and bling it's a sigma alpha thing

Sex Education with Chelsea (April 10)

We had an excellent turn out with roughly 20 girls. The sex education discussion began with my personal introduction in the field of health science and why I wanted to talk to the chapter. We discussed a rather broad list including contraception, Pap smears, and pubic hair. Each person that attended contributed to the conversation and even afterwards many of the girls wanted to discuss even more topics. I ended the session with a Ted Talk video about domestic violence from the first-hand experience of a professional woman.

Obviously, since I have decided to study this topic I feel is it very important information for everyone. What happened Wednesday night solidifies my opinion that girls within the chapter have a need for this education and want to talk about it in the right atmosphere. Since we were able to have almost a two hour discussion I consider this event to be a success and I hope that those who attended received some new information. I’m hoping to have another similar presentation next semester or even have a different discussion topic every month if enough girls are interested.

If you’re interested in certain aspects of sexuality I recommend for great places to search.


Sigma Alpha Rush Chair

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The Omicron Chapter of Sigma Alpha is always trying to stay connected with our Alumni Chapter.  This blog will be used to keep Alumni up to date on our chapter’s activities throughout the year.  In each blog post there will be a link to the Alumni newsletter in a PDF or Word Document format.  It is our hope that Alumni utilize and enjoy this page as well as the rest of the website to keep our connection strong.